I Don’t Need a Wedding Coordinator. My Friend Sally Can Do It.

I Don’t Need a Wedding Coordinator. My Friend Sally Can Do It.

Written by Jordan Hunt / 28.03.2020 / Views

Although I am sure your friend Sally is an awesome person and is super reliable, here are 6 things to consider when possibly cutting the day of wedding coordinator out of your wedding budget:


A Wedding Coordinator...



1. GUIDES You in the Right Direction 

Planning a wedding can be difficult especially seeing as how most people have never actually had to plan a wedding before and hopefully will never have to again. That’s where a coordinator can offer you a “starting point” by giving suggestions for local vendors that meet your needs when it comes to venues, florals, caterers, photographers, DJ, rentals, hair/makeup, entertainment, bartending, and more. Being mindful that a coordinator is not going to plan/book your wedding for you, but they can help get you off on the right foot and inspire your imagination to start the tedious planning process.




 2. Helps ORGANIZE Your Ideas

Imagine planning your DIY wedding for months to over a year, just to get to that day and realize that your meticulous plan is still in your head. You have not shared all of your ideas more than just in passing with friends/family and the burden of it all lies on you. Now imagine unloading that burden of all your hard work into the capable and willing hands of a coordinator who is experienced in facilitating and organizing weddings. The wedding coordinator has gotten to know you and your dream wedding personally and will help you form a succinct plan by making a timeline, contacting the venue/vendors, and making sure everyone is on the same page for executing the perfect wedding day so that you don’t have to. 





3. ADVOCATES for You on Your Wedding Day

The plan is in place, your wedding guests are arriving from near and far, and you are surrounded by all the people that you love. The last thing you want to think about is answering your phone multiple times to answer random wedding day questions from the vendors, while you are getting your hair and makeup done in your jammies with your bridesmaids. Instead let your wedding coordinator be the point of contact for all your vendor needs on the day of your wedding, so that you can relax and enjoy your day in all of its splendor. 




4. Is LOVED by Your Vendors

When you hire a photographer to take your pictures, a caterer to set up your delicious food, or a DJ to play your favorite music they are being hired to perform those specific tasks. Commonly in the absence of a wedding coordinator other vendors will take on extra tasks in order to fill the gaps in the timeline to keep the wedding on track and from falling into chaos. This puts added stress unto the vendors that was not in their original plan for your wedding. By hiring a wedding coordinator it not only helps you relax on your wedding day, but it also gives your vendors peace of mind that things are being well run and they don’t have to worry. 





5. SAVES STRESS on Your Relationships 

Weddings can be stressful. Oftentimes a DIY bride will ask a friend or family member to help them organize/run their wedding day plans. Although sometimes this works out fine, often the designated person is not able to facilitate the day as seamlessly as planned or they may be incredibly stressed in doing so. A wedding coordinator knows how to deal with these situations and will act on your behalf, which in turn allows the bride to relax and subsequently the groom/bridal party/family/friends to also relax. 




6. HANDLES the Possible Wedding Day "Glitches"

Even what seems like the most flawless of plans will still inevitably have what are called wedding day “glitches”. The best part about hiring a good wedding coordinator is that you need not ever know about the “glitches” big or small because your coordinator is trained to identify the problem, troubleshoot the solution, and act on your behalf to uphold your wishes to the best of their ability. That’s where a personal relationship between the wedding couple and wedding coordinator is key in providing excellent care and fulfilling the wedding couples desires in the face of possible unforeseen wedding day issues. 




Your wedding day need not be laced with worry, stress, or last minute “did I remember to do (blank)”. When it comes to hiring a wedding coordinator, spending the extra money to relieve Sally from her wedding day duties might ultimately provide everyone involved an ease-filled heart knowing that all things have been considered and are being well cared for.



If you or someone you know is in need of a local Asheville wedding coordinator or you would like to find out more information about The Hunt is Over (THIO) feel free to contact me at or follow me on Instagram (@thioweddingevents) and Facebook (@thehuntisover). 





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